Marketing & sales

LTA sells its products worldwide in 53 countries.

Our customers include:

  •  Public Health Organisation.
  •  Clinical Chemistry Private Laboratories.
  •  Environmental Analysis Technical Laboratories.
  •  University Research Institutes.
  •  Food/Wine Production
  •  Pharmaceutical Industries

To these customers we supply a steady technical and scientific assistance: LTA Marketing staff is formed by a team of Product Specialist and Managers,  with a well-established technical back-ground in the Diagnostic field.

The same strong support is offered to our net-work of distributors in terms of customer technical service, trouble shooting, order processing, deliveries and customer relationship management. As a business oriented company, LTA carries out all trading activity taking a high regard for their customers, that are followed-up by a steady technical and scientific assistance, providing them with products and services they need to be successful.