About us

Founded in 1994, LTA is an Italian firm with a solid experience and expertise devoted to design, manufacture, sale and trade of “In vitro" Diagnostic Reagents also according to customer specifications.
LTA is nowadays internationally recognised for the quality and reliability of its IVD products.
LTA is also committed in pursuing subcontract manufacturing and distribution agreements with Home and Off-Shore Enterprises.
Notwithstanding an overall contraction of the Diagnostic market, LTA has maintained its financial independence, following a financial planning and controlling to strengthen its assets and to promote new investments in order to meet a more and more competitive demand.
From the very beginning, LTA has been pursuing the aim to improve and to upgrade its own staff, with the purpose of strengthening its capacity to answer to the market challenges.



LTA focused their aim in searching out new formulations together with the development of forefront diagnostic kits to be used in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratories. 
All activities are supported by a consolidated in-house organization that works closely with well recognised Italian Research Institutes and by a qualified and experienced team.

Product development in LTA is subjected to many trials in compliance with our Q.M.S. certification and in accordance with the European International Standardization, under rigorous guarantee of quality. LTA has recently renewed with success ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. To visualize the relative copies click here.
LTA can respond flexibly and quickly to any emerging project from the market, offering outstanding quality Diagnostic Reagents to the end-user, at very competitive selling prices.

More than 80% the items listed by LTA catalogue are manufactured by its own laboratories, by means of careful and suitable procedures , from raw-material control up to finished products final inspection.

An alternative system for treatment and dispensing dusts and liquids, along with self-labelling machine and analytical apparatus/ instruments, completes the equipment of production units and quality control.

Regular demands from Clinical Chemistry Laboratories, along with detailed clinical requirements, can be fulfilled by LTA’s catalogue, including Diagnostic Reagents for Immunology,  Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Bacteriology and Protein Electrophoresis.

Besides the previously mentioned items, LTA can provide either labelled kits ready to be sold, or OEM bulk customized material, upon request.


LTA has several production lines with unique products for both IVD (in vitro diagnostic) market and Industrial Microbiology. 

Some notable examples in Clinical Chemistry are the kits for metabolic and inflammatory disorders, for the determination - among others - of Oxalic Acid, Citric Acid, Iodide, Xylose, and ACE, and in Serology the Agglutination Kits.

The Sterility Biological Indicators, along with the Bacteria /Fungi Strains Collection (more than 250 strains), can be offered to Clinical Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology and Food Analysis Labs.

LTA moreover is a well known producer of specimen collection devices for newborn metabolic screening and hereditary diseases testing.